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Vintage John Deere Parts

M1809T John Deere Dual Lift Quadrant Lever Hub For 40, 320, 420, 330, 430, 1010

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John Deere Dual Lift Quadrant Lever Hub. It Is Not Cracked, Bent Or Broken. The Splines Do Not Have Any Wear. It Is Part Number M1809T. For 40 Hi Crop (H), Tricycle (T), Special (V), Two Row Utility (W), 320 Standard (S), 420 Hi Crop (H), Tricycle (T), Special (V), Special Utility (I), Row Crop Utility (W), Standard (S) Serial Number 100001 And Up To The End, 330 Standard (S), 430 Hi Crop (H), Tricycle (T), Special (V), Row Crop Utility (W), Standard (S), 1010 Single Row Crop (RS), Row Crop Utility (RU), Row Crop (RC)